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Think Diversely About Your Sales Kickoff: Tech Sales Insights Special Ft. David Nour Part 1

Welcome everyone to a special episode of the Tech Sales Insights Podcast! Today we have David Nour, CEO of The Nour Group, taking the helm to talk about approaching your sales kickoff (SKO) in more effective and cost-efficient ways. Tune in as he shares a few misconceptions about growth, challenges leaders face when it comes to SKO, and many more valuable insights!


Leading and thinking differently about your sales kickoff
A good analogy for approaching SKO
Misconceptions around COVID growth and forever growth
On infusing a sense of urgency

“We've got to get beyond these things before we get those sellers together. It's a "we" challenge and "we" opportunity. Anytime I go into a company and hear us and them, what I'm not hearing is that we're all rowing with the same velocity and voracity in the same direction.” - David on working around some of the dysfunctions and challenges in organizations

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