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Tech sales insight

Sales leadership is a learning marathon which is why I love these podcasts. No matter how long you’ve been leading sales teams you can always learn something, especially from the industry leaders on these podcasts !


Great stuff Randy!

Awesome Podcast Line up

If you are a leader or Executive in any company that has a sales team this is a very informative platform. Randy has great guest that have extensive knowledge in their area of expertise.

Brilliant Podcast!!!

Very educational and informative !

Great Content!

Lots of great information shared on this Podcast.


Amazing interview Randy, thx!


Great content, very show has me walking away with at least 1 item to implement or to think on that always helps the bottom line. Keep ‘em coming Randy!!


Love how u help!


What a great group of people and valuable insights. Loved it and cant wait for more!

Love it!

So much great info to help me! Thx!

The Beav

Amazing content and leadership.

Vice President Commercial Sales Lenovo

The insights shared here are amazing and critically important for every tech CRO. Tech Sales Insights have made me a better leader while exceeding expectations and delivering results. As a continuous learner, I am beyond grateful to share best practices across this amazing organization and learn from my peer group.

Powerful Content!

Amazing, informative and valuable guest speakers and topics!

It's Really Good

They have a great collections of content and their podcast are informative and they also have a high quality of guests and there interviews same like professionals which attract us to connect with their content

Tech Sales Insights

5-Star Content!


High quality guest, interviews and professional.


They have a great content and good variety of content and those podcast are also informative and they also have a high quality of quests and there interviews are also like professionals which attract me to get connected with their content

The best podcast

This is my favorite podcast , guests are so much interesting and interviews are amazing love to listen it daily. great learnings.

Tech Sales Insights Review

Amazing insight into Crypto podcast, i'am very lucky listing to mandy cole experience it's was very informative and useful thanx very match.


They have high standards and best advice for sales professionals, very impactful and very knowledgeable about their business.


Randy is a genius. His community is brilliant. I’ve learned so much from him and his network. The advice some of the Sales Leaders on this Podcast give is just incredible.

Randy gets the best guests

So many great guests. Randy’s network is amazing. Thanks for doing this Randy.

Great podcast!

Randy is the best!!

Great podcast

Very informative! Loved sharing with my team! Tom Soviero

Excellent Presentation and Content

Randy’s unparalleled experience and knowledge in this sector is worth a listen!

Love it

Great content and speakers. Helps me perform at a higher level.


So worthwhile. Great advice, interesting and very organized. Well done!!!!

Relevant & excellent content

Randy hosts legends in the business who provide awesome advice and insights into sales leadership. I also appreciate how he organizes the episodes into succinct and consumable content.

Tech Sales Insights

Very insightful tips from experienced experts.

Tech Sales Insights!!

Randy and his guests are always informative and insightful for sales professionals. Great work!