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Tech Sales Insights

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Recent Episodes

E117 Part 2 - SLOPPY PET PEEVES: What’s Wrong with the Sales Process Today with John McMahon

March 29, 2023

Randy and sales legend John McMahon are back as they shared their pet peeves and the sloppiness of the sales process nowadays. They stressed the importance of understanding the signature and approval process of clients to av…

E117 Part 1 - GODFATHER: A Deep Dive into John McMahon and the MEDDIC Sales Process

March 27, 2023

Randy welcomes us to another episode and today, he is joined by John McMahon, who will be sharing his background and his contributions to the development of the MEDDIC Sales Process. McMahon developed the sales process "Demo…

E116 Part 3 - SALES CAREER PHASES: Changes in People, Teams, and Sales Processes with Lisa Pope

March 24, 2023

People grow, teams evolve, and processes develop. In this episode, we have Epicor Leader Lisa Pope to share about her growth over the years, how the teams she handles evolved, and how sales took a more strategic turn. But …

E116 Part 2 - EPIC TO THE CORE: Thriving in the Pandemic and Macroenvironment with Lisa Pope

March 22, 2023

The Epic Leader of Epicor, Lisa Pope, is back for Round 2 with Randy. In today’s episode, Lisa focuses on how her company performed in sales, what they have learned from the pandemic, how the macroenvironment impacted their …

E116 Part 1 - THE POPE IS IN: GTM by Segmenting and Developing the Sales Team with Lisa Pope

March 20, 2023

Welcome to another episode series of Tech Sales Insights. In today’s episode, Randy welcomes Lisa Pope, President of Epicor. We will be starting this series with an overview of Lisa’s sales career, which according to her “ha…

E115 Part 3 - TAG IT, FLAG IT: Selection Methods for New Talent and ICPs with Mark Stephenson

March 17, 2023

Mark Stephenson is back for one last round with Randy in this latest episode of Tech Sales Insights. In today’s discussion, Mark talks about different ICPs in different industries, tips for sales leaders looking to hire new …

About the Host

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Randy Seidl


Randy Seidl is a global technology board director, CEO, CRO, executive recruiter, sales community leader, consultant, advisor, and investor with extensive sales and executive leadership experience. Put simply, Randy helps companies and individuals grow. He is known for his unique ability to scale emerging growth and Fortune 500 technology companies as well as individual’s careers. He has served as Co-Founder, Board Chairman, Board Director, Chief Executive Officer, and SVP/General Manager. Uniquely, he has worked in start ups/smaller companies and industry-leading organizations such as Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems, StorageTek, and EMC Corporation. He has a record of consistently increasing company value through his strategic leadership, go-to-market expertise, people skills, and his extensive executive relationship network.