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Join Randy Seidl and Peter Bell of Amity Ventures on Wed, 6/30/21 at 11 AM ET, as they discuss the launch of the Sales Community's new book: Your Go-To Sales Advisor. Co-authored with Tony Jeary, Your Go-To Sales Advisor is strategically built as a powerful sales tool packed with value to help tech sales professionals reach a higher level of mastery. Included are great tips focused on the success of B2B tech sales professionals (SDR to CRO/CEO) but offer value to anyone interested in learning more about sales.

The great content in this book includes 400+ best practices/ideas/suggestions:
-a sales IQ assessment
-134 best practices submitted by 97 Sales Community Advisory Board members, some of the best in the industry
-2 handbooks from Walter Brown (long time EMC sales consultant) with 190 rules/best practices, timeless words of wisdom, one focused on sales reps and another on sales managers
-72 best practices from Tony and Randy
-a summary of current tech sales methodologies
-a VIP one-sentence summary of each of the best practices from Tony and me

Don't miss what promises to be an exceptional discussion of B2B Tech Sales best practices, found anywhere!