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E99 Part 3 - Build Relationships and Enjoy the Ride - with Annelies Husmann

Episode Notes
This episode of Tech Sales Insights is the last part of our conversation with Annelies Husmann, Head of Enterprise Sales and Growth at Gong. She shares some of the best advice she had learned over the years, including riding out overwhelm by focusing for 24 hours.

She also discusses the importance of building multi-threaded relationships at the executive level. In sales, she comments on the magic of in-person meetings and the need to balance it with the mandate of doing things online.


Sales and rev ops are strategic counterparts of sales
Advice: Focus and ride out your ship in 24 hours
Building longer-term relationships with executives


Sales and rev ops allow teams to see around corners and execute more effectively - Annalies: "The importance of rev ops and sales ops and having a great strategic counterpart to help balance you out is just so mission-critical nowadays. And it's been great to see even how our team has evolved over the last couple of years."

The best advice a former manager taught her - Annalies: "No matter what the problem is, if you really do take away distractions and focus on something, you'll probably be able to ride or at least have a path forward within 24 hours."

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