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E99 Part 2 - Women in Sales and Value Selling Today - with Annelies Husmann

This episode of Tech Sales Insights is the second part of our conversation with Annelies Husmann, Head of Enterprise Sales and Growth at Gong. Annalies dives into mentorship and how other women in sales should explore their networks to find a good mentor.

In her experience, just having these conversations allows other women to see themselves in quota-carrying roles too. Annelies also discusses value selling as a requirement in today's macroeconomic situation and how sales conversations must always be tied back to value.


Women in sales and the value of mentorship
Value selling should be tied to the company's key strategic initiatives
Hire based on competencies and behavioral traits vs past experiences


Value selling is more important now with economic headwinds - Annalies: "I think now where we are, you really need to be very thoughtful with how you're building your business cases and how you're engaging with your executives, and you just have to stay 100% tied to value."

Avoid getting stuck hiring certain profiles by focusing on behaviors - Annalies: "Focus more on competencies and behavioral traits versus past experiences, and here's why. I think if you focus just on past experiences, you could really go down this path of going down a profile that you typically for very, very quickly."

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