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E99 Part 1 - Thoughtfulness in Diversity Best Practices - with Annelies Husmann

This episode of Tech Sales Insights is the first part of our conversation with Annelies Husmann, Head of Enterprise Sales and Growth at Gong. Achieving true diversity in organizations is admittedly difficult.

Annelies discusses how leaders need to be thoughtful during this process and to stay committed to this cause. She emphasizes how leaders must go out in the field as well to find the best talent.


Gong: Aggregating data streams and improving day-to-day lives
Diversity best practices: Sales leaders need the commitment to recruit actively


Gong aggregates data in a tangible and life-changing way - Annalies: "I have a command over my business I never had before. I'm making more money. And it's all those really small, personal levers of how gong is just changing their day-to-day operations. And those are the best customer stories."

Leaders must do the legwork to find the best talent - Annalies: "When I start sending notes out to people, personally, through LinkedIn and email, I get great responses. And so, if I'm a leader saying this is something that's important to me, I'm also going to put my time where my mouth is and go out and start recruiting and selling people as well."

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