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E98 You're Selling a Solution, Not A Product or Service Part 3 - with Eric Brock and Diana Shapiro

This episode of Tech Sales Insights is the last part of our conversation with Eric Brock, Chairman & CEO of ONDAS Networks and Diana Shapiro, CEO of Dynam.AI. They talk about who their buyers are and what it takes to weather recessions and come out of them successfully. They also share some of the insights they've gained from mentors and their own personal experiences.


It takes different skill sets and experiences to be successful
Automation helps cut costs in a recessionary time
Selling to non-tech-savvy buyers in target markets
Diana and Eric share about the mentors they've learned from and the things they also want to teach


Weathering the trying times in a struggling financial market - Eric: "You have to deal with outside forces. And today those forces are difficult, they're tightening up. I think in this environment, like everyone, you have to spend time prioritizing what you need to do. You could have a hundred things to do but you can actually do them all in the next 6 months and you have to make these difficult decisions."

Value selling when going through recessions - Diana: "The easiest way to increase the bottom line is by cutting costs. While that's not what salespeople want to hear, they can position themselves with companies that are looking to help companies reduce costs, increase ROI, and the very best way to accomplish that is through automation."

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