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E98 Part 1 - Automating Processes with the Power of AI with Eric Brock and Diana Shapiro

This episode of Tech Sales Insights features Eric Brock, Chairman & CEO of ONDAS Networks and Diana Shapiro, CEO of Dynam.AI. When we think of AI in the business space, it's only natural to first think about using it to automate manual processes.

Today, Eric and Diana each talk about their careers so far and how they arrived in the tech sales world. Diana first introduces Dynam.AI, how we're approaching an upcoming space called decision intelligence, and the AI technology they are currently working on.


How Eric and Diana each ended up in tech sales
Diana talks about the decision intelligence space and introduces Dynam.AI


The top things CEOs are looking to use AI for - Diana: "Interestingly, the top business priorities for AI at companies start with automating business processes, improving existing products or services, improving competitive differentiation and it just goes down the line."

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