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E98 Innovations in Automation and Technologies and Their Overall Impact Part 2

This episode of Tech Sales Insights is the second part of our conversation with Eric Brock, Chairman & CEO of ONDAS Networks and Diana Shapiro, CEO of Dynam.AI. Eric first introduces ONDAS and what they do for businesses that need connectivity over wide areas. They then talk about defining automation at the highest levels and what their partnership means in creating relevant technologies and solutions.


Eric talks about ONDAS and their focus on drones
Automating decision-making and manual processes at a high level
Bringing together different technologies to create great solutions


On having something that defines the industry and defines solutions - Eric: "It is about understanding what the customer needs and we come in solving that critical bottleneck. We're removing the pilot and the FAA is giving us permission to do that which is really difficult to do from a fully-autonomous platform that works every day as a workhorse without human intervention."

The partnership of ONDAS and Dynam.AI - Diana: "They're not just solving a problem for one customer, they're solving an industry-related problem. When you do that, you're just levels above your competition because you're thinking way bigger than just one customer. You're thinking, what can I do for the industry to help get it to the next level?"

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