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E97 Part 3 - Fundamental Selling Capabilities will Persist with MJ Leslie and Larry Irvin

This episode of Tech Sales Insights is the last part of our conversation with MJ Leslie, Owner & Principal of Chapter 3 Ltd and Larry Irvin, Principal of Black Diamond Revenue Advisors. MJ and Larry share their points of view on how sales will look 5 years from now. They also talk about trying out new markets demographically as a start-up, value selling, and the leaders in the space that they follow and respect.


How sales will change 5 years from now
When should a start-up explore new markets?
Supplement the talent pool with alternative choices for value selling
Larry and MJ talk about the sales leaders they respect and learned from


On using effective tools and strategies - MJ: "Through the pandemic and going into whatever the next stage of society is, knowing who you're going after and what is the value to sell to them becomes really important. So the more intel that you can gather on the individual you're trying to connect with is why I like ZoomInfo."

US SaaS start-ups looking to explore different markets - Larry: "The whole idea of the game is revenue acquisition. Sometimes, especially early-stage founders, get wrapped around the idea of wanting to be a global company and selling in all these different countries. And they lose sight of the fact that the whole goal is to capture revenue. Especially if you're a US-based company launching here, there's a ton of opportunity just within this country."

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