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E97 Part 2 - The Ideal Functions That Fall on the CRO Role with MJ Leslie and Larry Irvin

This episode of Tech Sales Insights is the second part of our conversation with MJ Leslie, Owner & Principal of Chapter 3 Ltd and Larry Irvin, Principal of Black Diamond Revenue Advisors. MJ and Larry share their opinions on the increase of titles and if they actually matter for a company. They also discuss the sales, marketing, and customer success functions being part of the CRO role and the importance of SaaS experience for reps even outside of sales.


Should the CMO report to the CRO?
Go-to-market functions being added to the CRO role is laborious but can make sense.
The customer success side is becoming an increasingly important function
How important is SaaS experience when hiring sales reps?


Customer success develops advocates within an organization - MJ: "I have seen a ton of peripheral success not just by a certain customer renewing and expanding their deal but them going out and becoming very much like public advocates or referrals coming through those solid accounts because you've invested in them and they have a relationship with the company."

Importance of CROs in revenue retention - Larry: "The easiest people to sell to are those that have already bought. The ability to expand is super important. I love the function, I think it's an easier way than traditionally putting this on sales. As a sales rep, if you close the big deal and you know that you probably block yourself out of an account revenue-wise, you're not going to spend time there."

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