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E97 Part 1 - Defining the CRO with MJ Leslie and Larry Irvin

This episode of Tech Sales Insights features MJ Leslie, Owner & Principal of Chapter 3 Ltd and Larry Irvin, Principal of Black Diamond Revenue Advisors. In the world of SaaS and many other industries, companies are becoming more and more focused on not only acquiring customers but also retaining customers. Hence, the introduction of the Chief Revenue Officer or CRO.

MJ and Larry talk about their sales journeys and some key lessons they've learned so far. They share their insights into what a Chief Revenue Officer actually offers and what level of a company actually needs the CRO role.


MJ and Larry talk about their careers and sales journeys
What is a Chief Revenue Officer anyway?
The ideal stage of a company relative to having a CRO


The CRO's job in a macro level - MJ: "Anything that falls within that big, wide umbrella can be part of that. Larry and I were chatting about what stage of that makes sense for a company because if you only have five people, that's a pretty small umbrella. But as you grow, just understanding and looking at what departments make sense in the revenue generation versus retainment section define the CRO role."

Is it ideal for start-ups to have CRO? - Larry: "You start getting into that, 'alright, we need to have a structure.' You need to have separate disciplines within marketing, sales, within customer success. That consistent look and feel is key. But to early stage, you're creating layers of structure that creates inefficiency when you can least afford inefficiency."

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