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E96 Part 3 - What Partnerships Can Mean for Medium Businesses with Kevin Connolly

This episode of Tech Sales Insights is the last part of our conversation with Kevin Connolly, SVP of the North America Mid-Market at Dell Technologies. He shares his insights into the importance of partnerships when it comes to medium businesses. Kevin also talks about how building trust and confidence has changed over time across different generations.


Partnerships as a key piece to the sales puzzle
How do all generations build trust and rapport with clients without face-to-face meetings?
Kevin and Randy discuss their mentors


The difference between generations in getting trusted relationships fast - Kevin: "This generation of buyers want it a different way. Their version of trust and confidence might come through social media, it might come through text, or through email. What I perceive as building trust and confidence comes through servicing them really well in the way that they want to be serviced."

Leveraging the partner community's reach - Kevin: "Sales partnerships are critically important. But if you even think about this as not too much of an intellectual concept, our job at this type of business at scale is to bring new customers. We have a lot of opportunities to do that even if you just look at market share alone."

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