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E96 Part 2 - Scaling Medium Businesses in a Remote Environment with Kevin Connolly

This episode of Tech Sales Insights is the second part of our conversation with Kevin Connolly, SVP of the North America Mid-Market at Dell Technologies. He shares about taking advantage of technology to inspect and provide feedback for those working remotely. Kevin also shares how ramping, productivity, and the sales cycle in the remote work environment have changed since Covid.


How do you inspect in real-time those who are working remotely?
What it means to marry sales, operations, marketing, and AI
The relationship with the inside seller
Changes in ramping and the sales cycle since Covid hit


Getting sales, operations, marketing, and technology right - Kevin: "We try to really get them productive actions each week, each month, and each quarter. That's kind of the internal engine and, of course, the marketing. We're trying to ignite someone to come at us whether it's using that technology, or bots, or what have you."

Customers still enjoy that relationship with the inside seller - Kevin: "I would say that in its simplest form, the complexity will drive the interaction. But it should return back to the owner inside to dictate and help the customer with their journey."

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