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E96 Part 1 - Nurture Medium Businesses and Move Them Up the Paradigm with Kevin Connolly

This episode of Tech Sales Insights features Kevin Connolly, SVP of the North America Mid-Market at Dell Technologies. Shaping young leaders and medium businesses until they graduate to an enterprise is a fun challenge and a big responsibility at the same time.

Kevin talks about his transition from EMC to Dell and his roles under Dell's Medium Business umbrella. He shares about his experience in managing a young, in-career force, the differences between managing large and small teams, and the dynamics of moving to scale.


Kevin's responsibilities under the Dell umbrella
The biggest challenge in managing large sales teams vs small teams
How to create and keep an amazing culture intact


Managing large vs small sales teams - Kevin: "There are a million challenges but when you have scale, one of the golden rules is to try to keep it simple and not overthink it. Especially when you have a lot of solutions to provide and you get excited about that. So I'd say simplicity will rule the day."

On mental health in sales - Kevin: "It is hard but not as hard as I thought it would be. It's amazing if you just shut up and open your ears a bit, young leaders migrating through the sales community would be surprised."

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