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E95 - What CPQ Will Look Like in the Near Future with Jon Festejo

This episode of Tech Sales Insights is the last part of our conversation with Jon Festejo, Co-Founder and CEO of Salesbricks. He talks about the many possibilities of CPQ and overall software five or ten years from now. Jon also shares a few of his favorite sales tools to use with Salesbricks to add more efficiency and produce more results.


Possible changes to CPQ five years down
Why it's CPQ and not CQP
Other sales tools Jon uses


How software will be trained for the future - Jon: "In software, we'll be doing a better job in figuring out what that right moment is to go upsell your customer. Because in sales, timing is everything. Time also kills all deals and so the software will learn how to go compete and figure out when it is the right time for you to actually visit the customer."

Software will eventually do a better job on its own- Jon: "Today in software sales technology, it's human first and then tools that help them augment and make their jobs a little bit easier. But there's now a tipping point and crossing the chasm where it's going to be technology first and then you apply a human organization to augment that and add additional value."

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