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April 14, 2021

E25 - Business Case Focus with Greg Scorziello

E25 - Business Case Focus with Greg Scorziello

Join David Nour and Randy Seidl on this episode of the Sales Community's Tech Sales Insights Podcast with Greg Scorziello from London, UK.

Greg is a highly effective leader with over 30 years of experience creating and building international operations for early-stage and mid-size companies such as EMC when it was a sub 100 person entity.

Listen to learn how Greg helps leaders quantify the strategic value and commercial impact that their solutions/services deliver to their clients. His proven methodology has enabled businesses to increase average order size and gross profit by up to 10x which in turn has a material impact on accelerating business growth.

Greg is also our Tech Sales Insights Live on LinkedIn today at Noon ET - Join us!

Show notes from this podcast will be featured in the Sales Community.

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